Last update: August 24, 2023

Asta-Julie Lillie Bergen December 2, 2016 Denmark

The Other Side of Green Energy: The Negative Impact of Wind Turbines

“The health of all my employees and ourselves became very impacted from the emissions of the wind turbines’ infrasound and low frequency noise.”

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This video was made by Asta-Julie Lillie Bergen, a 14-year-old girl, who interviewed Boye Jensen, the gardener, who lost everything to the wind industry in Denmark.

The scandal was public at the same time, when the mink farm's puppies were stillborn and many of them were deformed. The female workers were terrified, because their own biological cycle was disturbed from the noise. They lived and worked at the plant nursery, they suffered also from sleepless nights and headaches.

Now the wind turbines' landowner "Hagesholm" Estate owns the destroyed area and the turbines operate without any trouble from this little plant nursery.
Noise measurements could never take place, because the buildings were destroyed before that.

Boye Jensen never had a chance, because the wind farm owner Swedish Vattenfall, Hagesholm Estate and the Danish Bank worked together to avoid any damage from the wind farm.

A horror story from tiny Denmark. It is a lesson about almighty wind power.