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Talk Radio Europe April 1, 2013 WorldWorld

“Windfarms are only good for financing political parties”, says Mark Duchamp

In an interview by Talk Radio Europe, the Chairman of the World Council for Nature denounces the “windfarm scam”.

Windfarms are only good for financing political parties (cartoon: courtesy of Gurelur)

In an interview by Talk Radio Europe, the Chairman of the World Council for Nature denounces the "windfarm scam". Intermittent energy produced by wind turbines causes fossil fuel power plants to burn more fuel and emit more CO2, he says (1). Windfarms are useless, he asserts, but cause tremendous damage to people's health, birds and bats, and the economy in general.

In a relaxed conversation with TRE host Kenny Jones, Mark Duchamp explains why wind turbines cause health problems to people living in their vicinity "up to 10 km and beyond". He then addresses bird and bat mortality at windfarms, and reveals why ornithologists and bird societies are by and large looking the other way.

After quoting Dr John Etherington's book, "The Windfarm Scam", the conservationist concludes: the windfarms' raison d'être is that they are being used to finance political parties. In a nutshell, windfarm-related interests finance election campaigns, and in return politicians vote huge subsidies. (2)(3)

Mark Duchamp is also President of Save the Eagles International.


(1) - In the video Pollution Issues by American Tradition Institute, Dr. David Schnare explains why wind energy on the electrical grid creates more pollution than it saves.

(2) - here is an example of this systemic corruption: Obama Campaign Backers and Bundlers Rewarded With Green Grants and Loans | Newsweek | Nov. 12, 2011
And in view of the complete absence of benefits accruing to society from windfarms, and given their enormous cost to health, biodiversity, tourism, water quality, forestry, property values and the economy, there are compelling reasons to believe that the same systemic corruption is at the root of windfarm policies in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

(3) - here are some examples with names and figures: Lakatos: The Obama “Green” Corruption—Dollar by Dollar | California Political Review | April 30, 2012

Interview of Mark Duchamp by Talk Radio Europe