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Canadian Truths July 5, 2015 CanadaCanada

Shellie Correia's interview on Canada Live Radio

Shellie Correia (Mothers Against Wind Turbines) joins “Game On” host Ron Stephens for an in depth discussion about wind turbines, renewable energy and sustainable development.

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Telling My Story….Two hours, barely scratches the surface!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed today, by Ron Stephens, of the “Game On” Radio Show.

The interview seemed to flow, so much so, that two hours, seemed like minutes. If anything, I worry about the hundreds of facts, that I was unable to squeeze into the conversation. I have to remind myself, that there is always another day.

Ron Stephens is incredibly knowledgeable about not only wind turbines, but the climate scam, Agenda 21, politics, and all of the nasty little details, that created the wind turbine problem, in the first place. And best of all, he is not afraid to discuss these matters, in spite of who likes it, or who does not. My kind of fighter! Realistic, and able to see the bigger picture! I was honoured to be able to speak with Ron, and share my experiences with him. We were also joined by Kathy Hamilton, another mother, who fighting to protect her daughter, from energy projects, in her own community. It is all tied into the same scheme, to price our energy so high, that it becomes a “luxury item”.

While the construction of the wind turbines in my community has been temporarily delayed, I am able to take the opportunity to continue educating the public, and letting people know what is happening to our communities, and why! Thank you, Ron, for helping me do this!

Shellie Correia”

Suncor wind farm Ripley
Suncor wind farm Ripley
Enbridge wind farm Kincardine
Enbridge wind farm Kincardine