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Announcement January 27, 2017 Turkey

We’re determined, we don’t want WTPs (wind turbine projects) in Bodrum!

Announcement from Bodrum Peninsula Cultural and Environmental Protection Association.

Bodrum, in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey
  • Seven (7) WTP companies want to build eight (8) projects in our township of 557 square kilometers.
  • A total surface area of 110 thousand square kilometers has been allocated to these projects (ranging from 14 thousand, 17 thousand, 19 thousand, to 21 thousand, etc.). This means 20% of Bodrum Peninsula no longer belongs to its inhabitants.
  • While one piece of allocated land sits on 99% forest area, another is on 94% forest. The rest are similarly agricultural land, tourism areas, or natural preservation areas.
  • We know from the practice in general in the country that any Project that starts as 13 units can grow up to 130 with capacity expansions. That is, in the next two years all hilltops and our silhouettes will be filled with about 1,000 turbines 150 in height, with blades measuring 50 meters across.
Map of wind turbine projects
Map of wind turbine projects
  • Our town, renowned as a touristic paradise, will turn into an industrial, energy-producing site. This means the death of the [annual] peninsula economy of $3.5 billion, with tourism accounting for approximately $2 billion.
  • Project costs of the WTPs intended for our township vary, from $10 million to $30 million. A total of $150 million will be invested in seven projects. The return time for this money is minimum five years. With the addition of the amount gained from the energy produced, the projects’ contribution to the country economy will count for $300 million. Even if we were to assume that tourism would not die, go ahead and calculate the figures yourselves.
  • One of the WTP projects has physically started in Yalikavak Geriş- Gümüşlük and has progressed considerably.
  • Our lawsuits against WTPs continue. In addition Bodrum Municipal Parliament has approved the motion we submitted through the City Council. That is, our municipality does not want WTPs in town. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has also made known its attitude with the WEP criteria it has published.
  • If the turbines are built, they will not only invade our silhouette and hills, but also our habitats because they are in violation of the distance criteria.
  • If the turbines are built, a web will form in the allocated land with switch centers, transmission lines, roads, etc. We will no longer be able to freely walk in our mountains, our forests. They will surround the land with chain-link fences. Guards won’t suffice, they will erect “Caution! Death Risk!” signs all over the place. No one will be able to put their cattle, their sheep to pasture as before. The villagers of Geriş are picked up by the police daily for this reason.
  • We will not touch upon the other negative effects of WEPs for now, because if built, we will experience them together.
Opposition to wind turbine projects
We don’t want wind turbine projects in Bodrum!
Opposition to wind turbine projects
We’re determined.
Bodrum Peninsula Cultural and Environmental Protection Association