Last update: August 24, 2023

Fairdinkum Radio February 28, 2015 Australia

Wind Turbine Wars – Steven Cooper

An important interview of acoustic engineer Steven Cooper on Fairdinkum Radio.

Extract from Wind Turbine Wars on Fairdinkum Radio

Acoustic Engineer Steven Cooper joins Leon to discuss his Acoustics Testing program report into the Cape Bridgewater Wind Farm, prepared for Energy Pacific Vic Pty Ltd.

Together we discuss the results and why it is a unique one of a kind study. This study is the first in the world in which a wind turbine operator had fully co-operated and turned wind turbines off completely during the testing. It opens the way for a full-scale medical trial that may resolve the contentious debate about the health impact of wind farms. The report states:

The resident observations and identification of sensation indicates that the major source of complaint from the operation of the turbines would appear to be related to sensation rather than noise or vibration,” the report says. “For some residents experiencing adverse sensation effects, the impact can be exacerbated by bending over rather than standing, with the effect in some cases being reported as extremely severe and lasting a few hours.”

Mr Cooper has coined the term Wind Turbine Signature as the basis of the narrow band infrasound components that are evident in other studies. He said the work at Cape Bridgewater had established a methodology that could be repeated very easily all over the world.

Steven has received gratitude from Wind Turbine sufferers who have been let down by Governments and Councils at all levels, often being accused of Wind Turbine syndrome; "...its all in the mind." Survey participant Sonja Crisp, 75, said the first time she experience discomfort from the wind turbines, “it was like a thump in the middle of the chest." Following Coopers report she said:

It is an absolute relief, like an epiphany to have him (Mr Cooper) say I was not crazy (that) when I am doing the dishes I feel nausea and have to get out of the house.”

His work has been commended by Industry professionals within the specialized acoustic field. Robert W. Rand, ASA, INCE. RAND ACOUSTICS.

Congratulations on this superlative work investigating the neighbor reports and correlating (unintended) adverse effects of the facility. The scope and detail of your report is sure to assist acoustic investigators, planners, utilities, and the public to understand without any further doubt or dismissal what wind turbine neighbors have been saying for years, as you so clearly sum up;"

“What we found was that previously they were complaining about the noise, but it wasn’t really the noise, it was sensations.”

Not surprisingly Big Wind and the Climate Fraud brigade who siphon billions of dollars a year worldwide from this fraud is kicking back and using every means to discredit Coopers work. We will document this in future episodes. For further documentation go to Stop These Things who are doing a great job exposing this Eco Fascist fraud.