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Atkinson & Rapley Consulting Ltd. Jan. 16, 2017 New Zealand

SAM Scribe Mk2

Affordable technology that could be purchased by non-specialists, allowing them to record and analyse soundscapes with laboratory-accuracy.

Press release – Jan. 13, 2017

SAM Scribe Mk2

As a result of increasing noise pollution from industry, in particular low-frequency noise and infrasound, and the failure of the current acoustical strategy (based on the anachronistic A-Frequency Weighting) to deal with the issues of public noise complaints, Atkinson & Rapley Consulting Ltd., in collaboration with Astute Engineering and ESP Australia, and collaboration and support from the Waubra Foundation, embarked on the development of an affordable technology that could be purchased by non-specialists, allowing them to record and analyse soundscapes with laboratory-accuracy.

By putting the power of recording and analysing soundscapes within reach of the average consumer, a new methodology has been developed: the Citizen Science Initiative on Acoustic Characterisation of Human Environments (CSI-ACHE), to gather evidence on the impacts of industrial noise on people.

In August 2016, Atkinson & Rapley, launched the first, broad-spectrum, stereo, USB recording interface with custom microphones - Scribe. The system comes complete with broad-spectrum recording software for any Windows-based personal computer.

Capable of recording sound in the frequency range of 0.1 to 20,000 Hz, Scribe constitutes a new era in environmental soundscape monitoring.

After the successful release of the Scribe Mk1 in Australia in 2016, and its subsequent successful field trials in New Zealand, Australia and Europe, an enhanced Mk 2 system was put on the drawing board.

The Scribe Mk2 is scheduled for public release in February 2017.

The unit will be available as a full-spectrum, environmental sound recording kit including: stereo USB sound card, twin custom microphones, two wind shields, cables, GPS receiver, a notebook computer with acquisition/recording software and a security HASP (dongle).

Pricing has yet to be finalised for the Mk2, but there will be a standard commercial price for industry users and an academic price, with appropriate discount, for research institutions.

Noise-impacted residents may request a special price and will be encouraged to join the Citizen Science Initiative - CSI, to share their data for scientific research purposes. Conditions apply - please enquire.

Preorders are now being accepted for February 2017 production.

Contact for more information.

A brochure follows this press release:

Press release + Brochure

International Pricing Schedule – Jan. 16, 2017

International Pricing Schedule