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Claude Brasseur November 17, 2017 Belgium

Do not have children near a wind turbine!

In the USA, Eric Zou (1), PhD student, observed a clear increase of complaints for insomnia with help services and also suicides from the installation of wind turbines. In Belgium, Dr Leproult (ULB) measures mortality due to lack of sleep.
Children and the elderly are more concerned than adults by wind turbines...

Child and wind turbines
Do not have children near a wind turbine!

By Claude Brasseur, mathematician, astronomer, researcher and founder of a research center on renewable energy

Claude Brasseur
Claude Brasseur

Eric Zou compared hundreds of 50 km diameter territories with wind turbines to hundreds of similar territories without wind turbines. It would be impossible to find such a sample in a small country like Belgium, so this work is of great interest.
Eric Zou has seen nearly 5 % increase in youth suicides since the commissioning of wind turbines and this despite huge distances. Imagine the effect of wind turbines in Belgium where the population, even that of cities, lives on average ten times closer to wind turbines... They are everywhere!

Knowing this research, we can understand why a nurse of a nursing home told me in 2010: “Since we have wind turbines at 1 km, the old die like flies!” Mistrust was appropriate for a scientist and the idea of an audit came, objective verification, of course, no testimony. It had been made, among other things, on pigs in Poland. We are not pigs...

The evaluation can be done in a very simple and inexpensive way: as far as it is the authority who asks for it, the third age homes can easily provide the number of beds for permanent stay which they have and the number of new residents, and this for each year. This request can be made to a maximum of old people's homes in Belgium, separating those closest to wind turbines from the others. The mortality of the elderly has many causes and all causes give a certain “average age of death”. We can check if there is a difference between houses “close to wind turbines” and houses “distant from wind turbines”. If there is a difference, it is necessarily due to wind turbines and the renewal of residents then accelerates near wind turbines.

My proposals for verification have remained a dead letter for 2 years: mathematician and statistician, I probably frighten those who fear results like those obtained by Eric Zou... Worse because the whole of Belgium is subject to the effects of wind turbines much closer than in the USA. It is hardly less serious in France than in Belgium...

And if the results are the ones to be feared, will they have an effect on the decision-makers? Do not forget that tobacco companies have recorded the carcinogenic effects of tobacco for 70 years... No third party studies were taken into account before the “betrayal” of one of their chemists! It is now forbidden to smoke in public places, we try to convince pregnant women not to smoke but the cigarette is still sold, smoked more and more at an early age “thanks” to chemicals added freely (!) to accelerate the addiction.

We can decide not to smoke, we cannot avoid the nuisances of wind turbines! Children are at risk, not just the elderly, and yet there is a fear of reactions like the one that ousted Australian Prime Minister Abbot. He had dared to ask for objective research concerning the wind turbines, these nuisances had been recorded following subjective testimonies. Objective animal studies clearly did not convince...

Thanks to the work of Eric Zou, we know objectively that wind turbines kill quickly and slowly, and we can only hope for a minimum sense of responsibility among our leaders. To push the wind turbines into the sea?

(1) Eric Zou: Wind Turbine Syndrome: The Impact of Wind Farms on Suicide. Department of Economics. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Article by Claude Brasseur — November 17, 2017

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