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Open Letter February 18, 2015 Victoria

Pacific Hydro refuses to deal with health damaging levels of wind turbine emissions

Melissa Ware's Open Letter, a response to Mr Crockett's public statement.

Lane Crockett
Lane Crockett

Lane Crockett, Executive General Manager, Pacific Hydro Australia from wind developer Pacific Hydro, has point blank refused to do anything about the unacceptable noise nuisance at their Cape Bridgewater wind development which Steven Cooper's study demonstrated (and was asked by Pacific Hydro to investigate). Pacific Hydro have wiped the slate clean of the complaints and said they will not modify their operations, nor will they do anything to alleviate the serious adverse health impacts which the residents described in their diaries.
(see: Business as Usual for Wind Farm Operator Pacific Hydro Despite Noise Study)

More information about this study.

The Cooper acoustic investigation has received endorsement from two senior acousticians from the USA, Dr Paul Schomer, and Mr George Hessler. Mr Schomer is director of Acoustics Standards in the USA, and Mr Hessler has worked most of his professional life for power generation companies including wind developers. Their comments on Mr Cooper's acoustic investigation are here: Schomer, P. Hessler, G. Review of Steven Cooper’s Cape Bridgewater Report. Mr Cooper extended the acoustic investigation work these acousticians had started at the Shirley Wind Development in Wisconsin, USA, subsequently declared a Hazard to Human Health by the Brown County Town Health Board (see: Duke Energy’s Shirley Wisconsin Wind Development a “Hazard to Human Health” Declares Brown County Board of Health).

The levels of wind turbine generated infrasound measured inside one of the unlivable Cape Bridgewater homes were 20 dB higher than those measured inside the unlivable homes at the Shirley Wind Development.

Dr Schomer and Mr Hessler said the following:

The windfarm operator simply cannot say there are no known effects and no known people affected.

Pacific Hydro's Board Members perhaps once could have said they "did not know", despite the many complaints from local residents about adverse health impacts since the Cape Bridgewater wind development started operating six years ago, some two years prior to the commencement of the Waubra Foundation. They cannot say that now. Current Board members of Pacific Hydro include the following:

  • John Harvey, Chairman
  • Kyle Mangini
  • Roger Gill
  • David Jana
  • Peter Berry
  • Michael Hanna

These people are the public officials responsible for a company which is knowingly causing ongoing harm to health including sleep deprivation and all the sensations and symptoms which the 6 residents described in their diaries, which corresponded with wind turbine generated infrasound levels inside their homes under specific circumstances of wind turbine operation. Their homes are unlivable.

Melyssa spent 8 weeks painstakingly documenting her own body's physiological reactions "sensations" to the turbine acoustic emissions, almost every hour when she was awake, and whenever her sleep was disturbed, in order to help establish what was causing her symptoms. She did this not just for herself, but for others around the world as well. In doing so she put her own health at risk as her treating doctors have repeatedly advised her to leave her own home.

In response - Pacific Hydro have just walked away from their responsibilities not to cause harm to people's health. Any goodwill Pacific Hydro had in commissioning the study by Steven Cooper has instantly evaporated with this irresponsible corporate conduct which is not in accordance with their stated values (see: Purpose, vision, values and behaviours).

Here is Melyssa's open letter:

Melissa Ware's Open Letter
Melissa Ware's Open Letter | Feb. 18, 2015