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Open Letter February 17, 2015 Victoria

“It has never been about money, it is about being able to live in our home.

Rikki Nicholson's Open Letter, a response to Mr Crockett's public statement.

Rikki Nicholson
Rikki Nicholson

To Lane Crockett, Pacific Hydro Chairman John Harvey, and Board Members Kylie Mangini, Roger Gill, David Jana, Peter Berry, Michael Hanna.

By taking several years to agree to properly investigate the infrasound, vibration and noise testing at our now unliveable home, we have endured six years of torture. You are responsible for our intense pain and suffering caused by your wind farm, and you are all accountable for your failure to act to stop the harm now. To claim ignorance is no defence.

Pacific Hydro senior management staff stated publicly, ” we want your home’s amenity as it was before the wind farm .’’ Lane, your public statement on 16 /2/15 at the public meeting in Portland proves a lack of concern which does not match your promise. Today (17 /2/15), Lane was asked, ”Why are we here? “ 45 mins later I was handed a letter containing details already in the public domain. To mention again, again and again “there is no compensation” is offensive. It has never been about money, it is about being able to live in our home.

Any goodwill Pac Hydro gained by commissioning Steven Cooper to conduct his ground breaking, world acclaimed acoustic investigation was mortally wounded last night by Lane’s statement where you washed your hands of us. Your social licence to operate is now null and void.

Your mission statement mentions zero harm, respect, compassion for others and respecting and protecting the interests of all stakeholders. How have you respected and protected my family’s interests, when you have destroyed our health, and our ability to live in our home and you are refusing to do anything to fix that situation?

At the senate inquiry in 2011 Lane Crockett stated there had ”...never been a problem until Dr Laurie went and made some public statements in Portland.” My first official complaint was in 2008 just weeks after your wind power factory started operating – 2 years before Dr Laurie joined the Waubra Foundation. You knew this was a blatant lie in 2011, and yet you keep repeating it, even now.

At that Senate Enquiry a statement was made ”...when this goes to court it will make asbestos and tobacco look like a walk in the park.”

You each had a choice when the Cooper research was published. A moral, ethical and legal choice, to “do the right thing”.

Instead, each of you will now become as publicly reviled amongst your 5 million Australian investors as James Hardie is because of the despicable way you have treated my wife, my son, and myself and our neighbours who also cannot live in their homes without becoming very sick.

This is un Australian, and so far removed from our ethos of “a fair go”. How DARE you treat honest hardworking rural Australians like my family with such utter contempt.

Rikki Nicholson, Cape Bridgewater, 17th February 2015

Rikki Nicholson's Open Letter
Rikki Nicholson's Open Letter | Feb. 17, 2015