Last update: August 24, 2023

Kevin Allan Dooley August 2014 Toronto, Ontario

Infrasound and Motion Sickness

In this video presentation, Kevin A. Dooley describes the basics of sound, and proceeds to draw a compelling relationship between motion sickness symptoms, and infrasound exposure, with specific reference to wind turbine installations and their proximity to homes.

His suggestions are backed by multiple, independent studies conducted on infrasound, and/or motion sickness incidence.

Low levels of infrasound may be more formally recognized as a potential source of discomfort in some % people, over long exposure times.

The pressure model for MSI (Motion Sickness Index - Ed.) developed here may or may not be valid for low levels of infrasound, however, the model shows with levels of infrasound of about 60 dB at 0.72 Hz (wind turbine parameters), an MSI of 0.35 after 2.5 months is predicted (0.35 % of people may become nauseated enough to vomit after 2.5 months exposure).