Last update: August 24, 2023

Gregg Hubner July 2017 South Dakota


The Destruction of Rural Living by the Wind Energy Scam.

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Cover photo by Jamin Hübner, taken in southwestern Minnesota near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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Wind energy. It's free. It's green. It's healthy. It's sustainable. And it's lucrative for property-owners. If only this popular narrative were true.

In Paradise Destroyed, Gregg Hubner fully exposes wind energy development for what it really is: a taxpayer scam. And not only is it a scam, but wind farms are a destructive force of 21st-century crony-capitalism that renders local communities divided and land permanently devalued.

Hubner recounts his personal experience of wind energy colonization and shares his knowledge of just how much damage wind farms can cause property and property-owners. Complete with up-to-date research on the adverse health effects of wind energy, other chapters address the bane of PURPA legislation, legal risks in signing wind-rights contracts, and a host of other related issues. Whether you are a midwestern farmer considering a wind lease, or an environmental activist trying to save the planet, Paradise Destroyed is an absolute must-read.

... a remarkable service in chronicling the devastation wrought by wind farms... For those of us who share their love of the Great Plains, let us hope that their struggle has attained more than a stay of execution.” — JEFFREY HERBENER, Ph.D Chair of Economics, Grove City College

This is an extremely informative book and likely to become a must-read for anyone that lives around or is considering allowing a wind farm on their property. As a physician... I found this book very helpful.” — THOMAS RIES, M.D.

At present, wind energy is a losing proposition for all but those developers that benefit from government subsidization of their industry. Hubner gives an accessible overview of how and why this is truly the case.” — NORMAN HORN, Ph.D Engineering Post-Doc, MIT

Paradise DESTROYED — Gregg Hubner, Jamin Hübner — July 2017