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Clear Energy Alliance April 18, 2018 United States

Is Wind Energy a Good Idea?

Minnesota is blowing billions on wind power—not to mention billions more from taxpayers across the country. The state began erecting wind turbines to lower electric bills and CO2 emissions. But the result is HIGHER electricity rates and dubious CO2 reductions. When it comes to energy, Minnesota is blowing it!

Video by Clear Energy Alliance (CEA)

Clear Energy Alliance (CEA) is a video-based organization focused on exposing flawed premises that cloud our view of critically important energy issues.

CEA strives to raise the EIQ (Energy Intelligence Quotient) of our society. Much of what the media and activist groups tell us about energy is misleading or entirely false, which can lead to dangerous and expensive outcomes. CEA challenges false claims and premises in a fun, interesting and sharable format. We arrive at our conclusions using logic, reliable data, human experience, history and rational analysis.

Mark Mathis
Mark Mathis

Mark Mathis

CEA is the latest venture of Mark Mathis who has spent most of his career challenging widely accepted ideas that are simply untrue. Mark has written, produced and directed two documentary films on energy. In Fractured Mark explained how language is used to dangerously deceive us about the most essential component to the function of the modern world—energy. In spOILed he examined the public’s ignorance of the central role oil plays in our lives. spOILed was shown theatrically in dozens of cities across the United States. Mark conducted Q&A sessions with audiences at the conclusion of more than 180 shows. Before becoming a documentary filmmaker Mark was a TV news anchor/reporter, media consultant/trainer and talk radio host. Mark founded the energy education non-profit Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy and testified before Congress on the dangers of anti-energy extremist groups that same year. Over the past 20 years Mark has been a keynote speaker for many dozens of organizations from the National Football League to the Independent Petroleum Association of America to the Saudi Research and Marketing’s International Speakers Program. Mark is the author of Feeding the Media Beast (Purdue University Press), published in the U.S., India, China, Russia and Korea.